Strengthening the relationship between world Jewry and Israel

The Department of Irgoon and Israelies Abroad in the World Zionist Organization aims to strengthen the world Jewry’s Zionist identity and affinity to the State of Israel.

The department’s Jerusalem-based team, along with staff and emissaries on five continents, has undertaken the goal of strengthening the position of Zionism and Israel, as part of “Jewish peoplehood”. The path to this goal includes making space for Zionist discourse and examining the role of Israel in fashioning a Jewish identity.   It is our hope, that despite the complex and shifting current reality, such a space will foster a deeper connection between Israel and the Diaspora.

We consider ourselves beholden to creating a space that will be able to contain the many varied religious and political opinions and perceptions present in the Jewish world. We pledge our commitment to giving a voice to Diaspora Jews in Israel.