Beit Ha'am Journey

Zionism belongs to us all, it united Jews in the past for a common cause and still could be a
bridge between different communities all over the world. But in our global and semi-virtual
world, the mission of cultivating the Zionist identity might be challenging.

The Department of Diaspora Affairs  have launched the Beit Ha’am Journey to stimulate honest conversations concerning the State of Israel and Israeli society. We believe that exploring Zionism’s modern dilemmas through dialogue empowers our Jewish identity and allows us to become better
communicators and advocates for the State of Israel.

The Beit Ha’am Journey is your community’s opportunity to join the discussion!
Led by our professional staff of experienced Israeli educators, the Beit Ha’am Journey has proven
to be a meaningful educational seminar for Jewish communities all over the world.
The seminar’s contents and itinerary are being adjusted to fit perfectly with the communities
needs and also for non-Jewish audiences. All our programs can be held with a variety of age
groups, between 16-120 years old.

Click here to view our program booklet in North America:

Beit Haam Journey Program – Info