Beit Ha'am
A discussion
about Zionism

The Beit Ha’am program was developed by the Department of Diaspora Affairs in the World Zionist Organization to encourage an open conversation about Zionism, Israel and the Jewish people and raise questions that affect us all.
Using a diverse assortment of educational materials.

Israel Diaspora Relations

How do we create a shared language? The relationship between the Jewish communities around the world and Israel has known ups and downs over the years. From questions relating to the Western Wall, to the question of defining “who is a Jew?”, to various religious world views, there are many challenges in the way of building bridges between all Jewish communities worldwide. Join us in asking the difficult questions regarding the future of the Jewish people, its unity and the controversies that have occupied us since the beginning of time.

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Leaders & Leadership

How does a leader act when he has to make a decision? The units before you offer an opportunity to learn about the greatest Jewish and Zionist leaders. Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin and many others teach us a lot about leadership and decision-making. Leaders such as Moshe Rabin, David Ben-Gurion, Ze’ev Jabotinsky and of course Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl are only some of the leaders who are about to be debated and examined their leadership and weaknesses. Beit Ha’Am collected the texts for you and thought about questions that you could use to discuss the group. We hope that the leaders you meet will inspire, learn and enjoy!

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The Jewish Calendar

The Jewish Calendar is a series of Beit Ha’am units discussing Jewish Holidays and events. We’ve brought suggestions for conversations on different issues related to the Jewish nation, Zionism and Israel with universal questions relevant to all. The texts presented in the various units quote Jewish sources, the Bible and the literature of the Sages, as well as Jewish intellectuals and contemporary poets, both Jews and non-Jews.

The holidays and festivals are a good time to learn the Jewish story and to get to know each other better through discussion.

Whether you’re preparing for a holiday or a fast, pleasant studying!

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Zionist Events

Since its establishment, the State of Israel has taken care to commemorate and celebrate its unique dates. Memorial Day for Israel’s Fallen Soldiers is a special day in which Israel mourns the fallen. It is a day of gratitude, mutual support and collective soul-searching. Independence Day that comes immediately after the end of Memorial Day comes with all its might and the intensity of the mourning suddenly turns into a huge joyful gesture. We try to bring these feelings to the Jews of the Diaspora, those who want to get to know more about Israeli DNA and to understand a large part of the complexity of the place. We invite you to study, share, experience and bring the unique Israeli experience to your community.

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